Simulation & Traning

Virtual Training Tool

Military simulation is an important way of training soldiers for a real live scenario

In cooperation with the Danish Home Guard, Activator Group are in process of developing an online virtual training tool for use in training of military instructors and leaders.

We have built one square kilometer of terrain (Brikby in Oksbøl), where soldiers in a 2D and 3D universe are able to simulate and do training in a real-life environment.

At instructor and student level, users can respectively plan and organize teaching and, as students, carry out planning and organization of, for example, issuing commands, setting up positions, fortifications, and barriers in a 1:1 simulation of the area.

Students can train everything from setting up a fighting position, close defense, urban combat, advancing and access control. All kinds of tasks that Home Guard leaders will face as group and platoon leaders or company commanders.

The instructor will also have the option of deploying opposing forces to control the tasks.

It all happens online either remotely or onsite in the classroom and all task solutions can subsequently be pressure tested in the field.

See an example in the video here and learn more by following the link:

VTT - Virtual Training Tool