PILGRIMExecutive Leadership Courses

Executive Leadership Course

  • Stand stronger in your own profile
  • More mental and emotionel surplus
  • Overview of your own resources
  • Increased knowledge of your own strengths and shadow sides
  • Specific tools to handle everyday life in the company
  • Being able to navigate in the difficult conversation with the employees
  • Larger and deeper self awareness
  • Increased courage to facilitate present leadership
  • The ability to create change and lead it
  • A purer and cleaner leadership style

“A pilgrim is a person who makes a pilgrimage, which is a journey with symbolic content to a sacred place.
The journey can be seen as an elongated rite of passage, where the traveler is segregated from his or her normal environment, completes a dangerous or grueling journey, reaches his or her goal and returns with a higher rank.

The pilgrim – symbolically but also concretely – reaches a goal, a center, the true home. A pilgrim can travel alone or along with others.”

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Executive Leadership Course 2023

Where: South of France
When: 24. – 28. of April 2023

Activator Leadership andTeam Training

Being a good leader has always been important but the demand for good leadership is constantly growing. COVID-19 and future digital possibilities have shown us that, depending on the function of our job, we don’t necessarily need to go to the office to do our job.

How do you, as a leader, handle that?

Even the best companies and the best leaders can’t always avoid bad situations within their areas of responsibility. It’s all about HOW you deal with issues when they happen, WHICH actions you initiate and HOW you follow up to be sure it doesn’t happen again.


On our courses we work as closely as possible with ‘real-life scenarios’ and to prepare for dealing with those scenarios, TRAINING is essential. As they say in the military world, ‘Train hard – fight easy.’

We offer courses tailored to your company and we offer open courses too.

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