Our History

Activator Group was established by Carsten Haugaard in 2003. In 2005 the sister company Activator Event was established. In 2023 we will a new sister company; Activator Group International

Today Activator Group has customers all around the world.

Our key competences are our straight, open approach to all people and tasks. We are known for our ability to combine the theoretic world of classroom training with practical action in a real business environment. We believe in open and honest communication followed up by right actions.

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We have taken the best training principles and simulation aspects from the military world and combined these with the best from the civilian world. This concept has proved it’s worth all over the globe.

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“In my entire life I have been privileged to work with leaders. It is fascinating and a big responsibility at the same time. Second only to being a parent, the highest responsibility you can be given is to be a leader.”

“A good leader can lead his/her team to be much greater than they could ever imagine is possible.”

Carsten Haugaard
Founder and CEO

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